Ode to India

Hello India, you beautiful, crazy, colourful, smelly, enchanting country. I love you, And your sexually repressed moustached men Dressed in 70’s flares and shirts And your beautiful giggly sari-clad women Smelling of curry and sweat and sweet jasmine And your crazy tangled streets Full of aladins caves and cow shit and inscense I love your … Continue reading Ode to India

Arrival: KL

First day in KL… Let’s set the scene: Its 22:13hr on a hot and sticky Friday night, local time, and considering I haven’t slept since that 4 hours kip I got on Wednesday night GMT time, I’m feeling pretty bloody sparky. I’m also semi-drunk.  What a day, a very pleasant one. A strange city, not … Continue reading Arrival: KL

The Travel Deviation

Yo. I’m deviating, slightly. I eat a lot, and am food obsessed. So will continue to write recipes and stick them up here. However, I also travel a lot. To rather wonderful places. Where I also eat a lot, and become more food obsessed. So it makes sense to write about that here too. You … Continue reading The Travel Deviation